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Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso showing six pack abs.
Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso showing six pack abs.

Ultimate Guide To Do Chest Workout In Gym

Beginners usually want to maintain a  bigger chest. In the journey to find the best chest workout, we bring you our beginner’s guide that explains an anatomy of the chest and how to hit it properly from all angles with Ultimate Guide To Do Chest Workout In Gym.

To understand how to build a bigger and fuller chest, one should learn chest anatomy and function. Basically, you just need to understand that while the chest is the one muscle, it should be categorically divided into three, the upper chest, the middle and a lower chest. Now the best chest workout would no doubt include exercises that cater to each area; it will still not make your chest into the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest. You can, however, put some serious mass on your chest.

For beginners to understand how to build a bigger chest, it is best to stick to free weights and not include machines because they will stunt the development of their core as well. When you are holding the barbell and pressing, as opposed to a machine, you will notice that it is a harder with the same weight. This is because the free weights will need your core to stabilize the exercise whereas in machines the cables do work for you. For each area, we will give you our Top 3 exercises you must do to develop your chest.

  1. Upper Chest

The upper chest is the most and very difficult to hit and develop which is why we are starting with it first. An important thing to note is that without a mind-muscle connection, this area can be frustrating to develop. When you feel the muscle contract and when you feel pump; that is when you will build bigger pecs.

To target the upper chest, you must perform exercises at a 30 to 45-degree incline. However this does bring in more shoulder involvement, it also helps you target particular area in a better way. These are some of the targeted upper chest exercises:

  1. Incline Bench Press Incline Bench Press

incline d.bench1-min

The incline bench press is the best exercise to build your upper chest.  However I would recommend you perform this exercise with a barbell, but only after you master a dumbell bench press. What is important to note? that using dumbells for this will be an initially harder. Because each dumbell needs to be balanced by the each arm, which further still increases your core strength, mastering this movement will also give the benefit of no muscular imbalances. After you can dumbells bench 30kg, move onto a barbell because even the best chests in bodybuilding use a barbell bench press as a staple exercise to develop their chest.

  1. Incline Fly Incline Fly

incline fly_2-min

The incline fly imitates you stretching out a chest muscle and then contracting it back, not by pressing, but by an arching your hands and extending them outwards. Especially useful for the taller athletes, the fly is a primary accessory movement that one must engage in after their pressing movements have been done. Start at 3 sets of 8-10 reps. To do the movement properly, bend your elbows and extend your arms outward. Come back up slowly and remember to pull from your elbows, and squeezing the chest at all times. To make this harder, slow tempo of going down or coming back up. Never go super heavy on this exercise as it will damage your shoulder or rotator cuff areas.

  1. Dumbell Pullover Dumbell Pullover

While it can be argued that this exercise is also for lats, it is a fantastic chest builder. However many gym goers botch up this movement by swinging and jerking and using a heavy weight. With a challenging weight in your hand, extend your hands backward to the point where you feel your lats contract. This should be done with your shoulders rested upon a flat bench. When coming to back up, keep your hands steady and pull with your chest. When done properly the pullover, along with these other exercises, can grow your chest in six weeks.

While performing a pullover, remember to keep the weight moderate and the reps highs

  1. Middle Chest

The middle chest is targeted by a flat pressing exercise. These are the exercises that you must be as an absolute beginner since they will give you mass with the class all over your chest. Not only that, since they are compound movements, they will help you develop your overall structure.

Interestingly, more and more advanced lifters are not bothering with exercises like flat bench press because they feel their middle chest is developed an enough and gets stress with working their upper and lower chest sufficiently. However, for the beginner’s guide to building your chest, these movements are absolutely essential.


  1. Flat Bench Press Flat Bench Press

warrior-fit-bench-press-dumbbell-min (1)

The king of upper body movements in some opinions, this is a first movement you will learn in the gym. Ironically it is also the first movement you will have to unlearn in the gym. That is because while it may seem like the normal exercise to add to your chest building routine, it is not as simple as a sitting down and pressing the weight up. Without going into the too many technical details, always retract the shoulder blades before sitting on the bench and keep your feet definitely planted. After this bring the bar down to your lower chest level and while pushing up, make sure rep goes up fast. Though do remember, that for a chest workout for beginners this will be your primary movement so pay more attention to this exercise.

  1. Flat Dumbell Fly Flat Dumbell Fly

With all flying the movements, do remember as always to go slow and perform higher reps. The noticeable difference between this and an incline fly is that because you are on a flat bench press, the arch of flying movement can be higher. Simply put, the stretching movement can be increased.

  1. Close Grip Bench Press Close Grip Bench Press

A fantastic exercise not only for your chest but also to develop some of the thick triceps. Movement wise it is identical to a flat bench press. What is different? The grip length. Instead of grabbing onto the bar at greater than shoulder width, you will be a gripping it close or at shoulder width, depending on your mobility level. What an important to note here that while this is considered a triceps movement, you must be using this for your chest by using techniques such as trisets and a giant sets. Do remember that the bar needs to be placed upon your palms and not onto your fingers.

A triset is three exercises performed back-to-back with no rest while a giant set is the same with four or more exercises.

  1. Lower Chest

The lower chest is barely a weak point for many lifters. This does not mean you do not capitalize on your strengths, though. Targeting a lower chest is simple and some of the most effective exercises to build a bigger chest are the specifically lower chest exercises which will also promote the growth of other areas of the chest. These chest exercises must be mastered at a beginner stage to use it effectively as an advanced lifter.

  1. Dips Dips

No surprises here. The dips as stated before can be done in two ways. It can be done for your triceps, which means staying up straight and then going down slowly or it can be done for your lower chest. While performing this technique, lean forwards & come down. Depending on your shoulder mobility, go down as far as you can and then push yourself upwards. To make this harder, go down slowly and come up faster.

When you start making your own chest workouts, do remember the some beginners these movements are also challenging. Fret not and soldier on. Even if you get the half a rep for this exercise, do it. Do not let your motivation drop.

  1. Decline Dumbell Bench Press Decline Dumbell Bench Press

Experts say that a  decline bench press is the most effective chest movement that one can perform during his/her workout. That to me sounds like this movement must be included in any great chest workout programs for size. However unlike an incline bench press, with the decline, I would only recommend dumbells because of the stabilizing factor.

  1. Cable Crossover Cable Crossover

The cable crossover is the only machine-based movement that one can indulge in beginner because it provides a constant tension to a lower chest and if you are lean enough, provides the opportunity for striations to be visible. All accessory movements like fly’s and the cable crossover must be performed at the end of your workout and performed with moderate to high reps because the end motive would be to exhaust the muscle. Moreover, always remember to pull with your elbows and squeeze your chest for every rep to ensure that this is one of your moves, to a bigger chest.

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