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Ultimate-Guide-To-Beginners-Workout 3-min

Ultimate guide for Beginners to do at gym for muscular body transformation

Ultimate Guide To Beginners Workout

Hello welcome guys, here I am gonna show how to make fitness. One of the most discouraging things that you see in gyms now-a-days is a beginner following the routine of a champion bodybuilder. There are few reasons for this fact:

They want results fast, and foolishly adopt “more is better” philosophy. Two main sources condition their thinking—Popular fitness and the muscle magazines ( or websites ) or gym trainers.

If you pick up any fitness or muscle magazine, you will see what I mean right away. They promote the program that is useless to a masses. this program requires you to be in the gym almost every day, do a lot of isolated training and spilled routines and rely on boatloads of the supplements and that’s what ultimately these magazines wants to sell.

Ultimate guide for Beginners to do at gym for muscular body transformation

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Now, let’s briefly talk about the gym trainers.

Can they be counted as experts?


First of all, simply passing a certification exam does not make them safe trainers. One needs to continually update their knowledge, which is the time-consuming and expensive ordeal and the fact is that there are very few who sincerely care about their clients and work hard to keep abreast of the latest developments in exercise and nutrition science.

I applaud their commitment to doing so. I also like to applaud you for reading this guide and taking the matters into your own hands. In today’s day and age, self-education is one the best form of education. It shows that you take your fitness seriously and want good results.

Now, before we get started you need to ask this: Are you a beginner?

Are you a beginner?

Beginners are two types: One who have not well  trained before, and another type who is an eternal one ( they are never consistent with their workouts ).

With the latter one, I highly recommend you to start with beginner routines especially when you have been off weights for more than few months time. Of course, you do not need 3 to 6 months to get back in the groove, just 2 to 4 weeks of beginner workout should suffice.

Characteristics of beginner workout

1) Beginners must focus on learning the movement before anything else: Do not worry about anything else, just make sure you completely concentrate on learning the exercises. Contrary to conventional wisdom I only recommend working out either using your body as a weight ex ( like pull-ups/dips ) and/or with free weights and the barbells. But never machines ( except for performing lat-pull down ).

You see, our muscular system is divided into the prime movers (thigh, Pecs, lats, etc.) and stabilizers (erector spinae, transverse abdominals). Prime movers create movement, whereas the stabilizers, as the name implies, stabilizes your body so that the prime movers can do the job properly. With the machines, your stabilizers are not worked, which then increases the chances of you being injured.

Weight training is the skill and like any other sports, you need to train your neuromuscular system so that your muscles fire in correct sequence. Proper technique is a  foundation of any workout program and will almost guarantee that you never ever injure yourself with weights.

2) Full body routines 2 to 3 times a week: Working out with the full body routines 2 to 3 times a week will prevent overtraining, this way you do not overtax both your muscular and nervous system which then accelerates your body’s recovery abilities that allow you to build a good foundation. The FBX workout routines are about working out maximum 3 times a week. Know more.

3) Sets, reps, tempo, total volume and exercises:

For first three months, you start with the 1 set of each exercise with the weight that you can handle 12 reps in a perfect form. You will then slowly progress by increasing weights until you are performing 10 reps in a set (and never going below 10 reps ). The tempo of the reps needs to be controlled and it must take about 4 to 5 sec to complete. Remember for beginners the focus should be on muscles being worked and to learn the movement, don’t worry about the weight too much.

Most of the movement will be the compound in nature i.e. squats, parallel-grip deadlifts, military press, dips & pull-ups. These movements require the tad bit more neuromotor control than what is required with machines but definitely less than what you require with any sport!

Now, most of you will probably not agree with 1 set per exercise protocol. Well, how about an excerpt from Steve Reeves—the most admired bodybuilder of the century:

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My own words:

“ I recall that I used as much as I could handle for each exercise in a perfect form (a practice I continued all through my championship years right up until present day) and this initial training program included only one set of each exercise.

It was a great beginner’s workout and served to prepare my body for more demanding training I would later engage in. I always took my workouts in stride and never tried to overload my body with the too much exercise at a time when my system needed most of its energy for growing and for normal development.

As soon as I was able to complete the 12 repetitions in perfect form, I would increase the resistance I was using five pounds and would drop back to 10 repetitions once more. I followed this program for the first three months of my bodybuilding career after which i  have used the same exercises, the same system of increasing poundage’s and the same number of reps, but I did two sets of each exercise instead of the one. Soon my bodyweight was 163lbs (up from 153lbs) —it felt incredible.”

Overall, the main benefits from this type of training are:

  • You establish the solid foundation for more years to come.
  • You have prevented over-training
  • Understand and learn the important skill of how to perform the key compound exercises properly
  • Don does not overtax your nervous system
  • Accelerate your body recovery abilities that allow you to build the good amount of lean mass

Training with 1 set (maximum 2 sets) per exercise was the pretty much a norm in the golden age of bodybuilding and once steroids were introduced in the year 1960’s there was no looking back. Multiple sets, isolated training, high volume spilled routines gained the popularity and now, in every gym around the world, they are pretty much a norm—sad but true.

With this  I strongly recommend a multi-faceted approach towards one’s fitness and that means on your off workout days you are not sitting ideal but will it perform other functional movements like Yoga or even a swim. Know more about FBX here.

Beginner’s routines where Phase 1 is from 0—3 months and Phase 2 is from 3—6 months.

Once you have built enough skill to perform compound movements I have mentioned in the following workout routine, and you have gained nearly  10lbs—15lbs of muscles you are ready for the intermediate workouts. I have listed the 16 FBX workouts for intermediate and advanced levels, you can find it in my book.



Do not be surprised by the volume prescribed here. For a beginner its ample. The entire Phase 1 workout should take no more than 30 to 35 minutes including a warm-up and cool down. In phase 2, it should take 10-15 minutes more to perform the added set in each exercise.

In every exercise, use a weight which is light enough for you to perform nearly 12 reps and heavy enough to do 10 reps.

Focus on learning movement properly. The above movements are compound and it is functional in nature and will require more concentration than when someone uses a machine. There is sample information on the internet for anyone who wants to teach themselves how to perform an every movement in the correct manner.

For your lower body, I prescribe either squats or parallel grip deadlifts (or both ) depending upon your structural build up. You can read about my definitive guides on how to do squat and parallel grip deadlifts here and here respectively.

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