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6 Ways to Lose Weight before Wedding


With all sweets pouring in days before your wedding, it leaves a little scope for you to think about weight issues. So stay focused and to set realistic goals to flaunt a fabulous figure on your D-Day, says the expert.

An obesity expert at Hospital, has shares these healthy ways to lose weight before your wedding day:


6 Ways to Lose Weight before Wedding

  1. Set realistic goals: Keep the targets and goals to help to stay focused. Healthy weight loss is about 1kg per week.
  2. No fad diets: Stay away from the crash diets that promise you quick results. The more weight you lose faster, the quicker you will gain. Follow a diet and an exercise regime that will give you long terms results.
  3. Don’t stay hungry: The easiest way to ensure that you don not overeat is to ensure that you’re never starving. Start your day with a healthy breakfast to boost your metabolism. Egg whites with a whole wheat bread, fresh fruit and the yoghurt with nuts, oatmeal with the skim milk or poha with added vegetables or idlis with sambhar consisting of lots of the vegetables, are healthy breakfast for choices. A quick-filling snack is better than skipping your meal completely as you will be more likely to overeat at your next meal.
  4. Make exercise regime fun: No diet regime will work if it isn’t coupled with some form of physical activity. Gymming might not interest for everyone. Swimming or dancing or a sport that you may enjoy can keep you hooked on to it.
  5. Manage stress effectively: Wedding planning may be very stressful, so plan well & stay calm. If you are likely to emotional eating, do not store chips, cookies, sweets, chocolates in your house.
  6. Maintain a food diary: If you want to keep a check on your daily progress, maintain a food and the exercise diary. Write down everything that you consume throughout the day & also mention your exercise system. It will help to put you on a track in case you go off a bit.

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