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Orthorexia Nervosa: The Unhealthy Obsession Through Healthy Consumption

Orthorexia Nervosa The Unhealthy Obsession Through Healthy Consumption

Orthorexia Nervosa The unhealthy obsession through healthy consumption

“5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day!”, “consume less sweet!”, “We eat in like manner salty and – We are blitzed every day with advice supply of all kinds. This is certainly important tips to the daily diet, but by no dogmas, requirements to follow to the letter.

We have all around us someone who is dieting or promotes a very healthy diet. No reason to worry as it is not an obsession. But a person who watches compulsively to a healthy diet probably needs help. This condition even has a name since it explains “orthorexia Nervosa”, regularly orthorexia.

They are especially in countries with a highly developed sense of health and Switzerland found more and more orthorexics.

Orthorexics spend every day for hours in their diet. This topic governs their lives. They plan meals several days ahead and take their own food if they have to eat elsewhere than at home or simply “healthy” foods in the proposed menu. They develop exaggerated phobias against certain food components (fat, chemicals etc.) and impose strict food rules. These are often people with strong character, very disciplined, otherwise, it would be impossible to keep to such strict rules.

Orthorexics are only satisfied if they have absolute control. Their well-being and self-esteem depend heavily on their control over their diet. If they fail or have fallen for a product “forbidden”, they lose self-esteem and punish by imposing even stricter rules or depriving. The pathology is similar in some respects to that of anorexia or bulimia, except that in this case, the food quality plays a more important role than quantity.


Sorting sustenance’s into “awesome” and “unpleasant” is completely against-profitable and can cause obsessive eating behavior.

To determine whether you or somebody you know is enduring or suffering from orthorexia, do the test below. It includes 10 questions. If you answer yes to more than four or five questions, you should review your eating habits and relieve pressure. If you answer YES to all questions is that you have a compulsive eating behavior. You should consult a doctor.

Do The test:

  1. Do you spend additional 3 hours a day contemplating your eating routine?
  2. Do you arrange your plan your meals several days ahead?
  3. The nutritional value of your meal is more important than the pleasure of eating it?
  4. The quality of your life if she deteriorates while the quality of your diet has increased?
  5. Have you recently become more demanding (e) with yourself?
  6. Your self-esteem is it enhanced by your desire to eat healthy?
  7. Have you given up foods you used to enjoy the benefit of food “healthy”?
  8. Your diet does your annoyance out, distancing you from your own family and friends?
  9. Do you feel a sense of guilt when you stray from your diet?
  10. Are you happy (is) and do you good control when you eat healthily?

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